>On Indian food in Denmark

>Where I work, the canteen folk stick a little sign over so-called hot dishes, if they make a curry or suchlike. First time I saw these, I thought, better go easy. A few moúth-fulls later, I was searching the condiments trolley (it’s that posh) looking for something that might give this poor excuse for a curry something close to a bit of pep.

Suffice to say, I found none. Another time, I order an Indian takeaway. By the time I got over the shock of the cost (c£25 for two dishes, and I mean two, with two measly portions of rice), again I had the same lame attempt at making me sweat (truth be told, the bill did that).

What a relief, then, that I found this maharajah
among websites

What bliss! I now made several of these and yet to be disappointed. And the lamb rogan josh tonight was a blinder.

They can’t do spicy food in Denmark. They’re scared of it.

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