>Time Amazon copped on

I bought Mrs Castro Glugger a watch sometime ago. Must be getting on for five or six months, I reckon. She paid for it, of course. But I did the actual buying – complex button-clicking upon king retailer Amazon’s multi-paged site. A week or so later, her little silver watch popped through the letterbox. She was happy. I suppose Amazon were happy. And I was happy (my wife being happy makes me happy – marriage is like that; you want as little grief as possible).

Since then, I must have had at least half a dozen spammish mails from Amazon asking if I want to buy another watch. Do you know what? I did. I bought digitals, analogues, Mickey Mouse watches, boys watches, girls watches, antique watches, movie tie-in watches, wrist watches, and Swatches. I now have more watches than they do. Each time I get an email from them telling me about the latest new watch, I one-click-order immediately, then reply to their mail saying, “Thank you. My watch collection is getting bigger.”

They always reply offering me another watch.

But you see the point of my latest, pointless (see what I did there?) wittering? Damn them. Damn them all. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d amend my preferences…

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