>ORDNING – the useless dish drainer


Meet Ordning, the world’s worst dish drainer.

I bought this piece of crap from Ikea, a shop I usually have some time for.

But this junk, well…

It fell apart when nearly fully loaded (yes, I did screw it together properly).
See the drain at the base? Dribbles water over your worktop. Some draining board.
And there’s nowhere for your cutlery.

Bought something like this instead:

2 Comments on ">ORDNING – the useless dish drainer"

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  • >Part of me admires the sheer Castroness of it all: moaning about kitchen ware in hyperspace, and managing to make it witty and engaging.

    And yet, and yet… surely it had ‘nowhere for cutlery’ when you bought it…?

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