>Another hair-raising drive to work

>The Wages of FearImage via Wikipedia TORRENTIAL RAIN this morning made my zip up the E55 like something out of Wages of Fear.

The road out of the city transforms from urban street to motorway pretty quick, and in heavy traffic you often find yourself forced to take one lane instead of another.

This happened this morning, and as we drifted into motorway, I was stuck in the fast lane in a downpour that had the wipers working overtime. Behind me, a goon in a BMW was practically kissing my exhaust pipe, while to my right, a tattooed thug (sorry tattooed friends) was bunching me in.

Matey behind wanted me out of the way, while blokey to the right wouldn’t budge. And the wipers couldn’t keep up.

So you are left with little choice but to speed ahead and get clear of the box. My car has a gizmo in it that will record my speed in the event of a crash. For every kilometre over the limit, I pay a certain amount towards repairs. The pay-off for this is cheap insurance, and I’m no speed freak so the deal is sweet for me.

But by now I was pushing 120km in a 90km zone, in rain you couldn’t see beyond, ploughing through near flooded roads, just to get clear of these maniacs all around me.

It was a bit of a nuisance, I can tell you.

Eventually, the chap on the right who’d kept pace with my accelerations, hemming me in, floored it a bit more and sprayed his way past me, giving me room to move over for the impatient Beamer behind.

It was my birthday not long ago. Am I really such an old man already that I tsk-tsk and disapprove of these crazy drivers?

Danes take a theory and practical driving test. They even have to take a first-aid course so they know what to do in the event of a road accident.

Good job too.

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4 Comments on ">Another hair-raising drive to work"

  • >I will excuse the tattooed thug comment – this time 🙂 But yes, no matter the transport mode, this morning was not fun.

    • I know people who lost a falimy member to breast cancer and they got a butterfly on their shoulder and the body of the butterfly was the pink ribbon and the butterfly was representing their lost one being free having passed and left the cancer behind. It’s really beautiful. I also saw people get it done on the top of their breast which can be an okay idea but kind of..odd (not the right word). Maybe get the ribbon on the outside of your ankle and then have some words wrap around your ankle. Like something your mom used to say to you vice-versa. Hope I helped a bit! I’m sorry about your Mom.

  • >I was mostly worried I’d spelt “tattooed” wrong 🙂

  • >Just think, you could be in Jylland where we barely have motorways and be stuck on two lane roads everywhere behind annoyingly slow drivers with no room to pass!

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