>TDC, you helped me!

>Lewis Hine, 1920. Power house mechanic working...Image via WikipediaIT IS ALWAYS good to have an unusual problem.

It makes people curious. Doctors wonder why you have green spots on your neck, mechanics why your car makes that knocking sound when they’ve looked at it three times now, my wife when I put on a particular shirt.

TDC couldn’t for the life of them figure out why my home internet was on the fritz. New cables and routers couldn’t fix it. Multiple pings got no answer. They got really interested. It was like being a freak. All manner of folk called me. Just before they conceded defeat and sent out an engineer (clearly an admission of failure in our wired world), one rasping tech-head (named Henning) felt sure he could nail the problem given a bit more time. He begged a day. I gave it to him.

He fixed it. Just gave me a new IP address. Bang-flash, I’m back online. I don’t know what they problem was, or whether they knew.

So the next time you have a problem, and if no-one else can help (and if you can find them… no!), make sure it’s something weird. It gets the best customer service.

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