A bunch of thoughts about nothing

Idle thoughts and observations today include the appearance of a vending machine on Østerport station (platforms 5 and 6) that allows you to buy via SMS. You send the machine your details, choose product, and it goes on the phone bill.

After watching Harry Brown last night, I decided it was the British companion piece to Gran Torino.

Carving scary faces on pumpkins is far easier than I thought.

I could be recording all of the above in individual tweets.

I plan to open a chain of cafes named after 80s actors – Ringwald’s, Sheedy’s, Lowe’s, er, Estevez’s’s’s’s.

I plan to design some jeans with one leg black denim, t’other blue.

I need to check gavcrimson‘s excellent blog.

This 8.6% beer I ordered by mistake is a killer. Fuller’s Vintage Ale, since you ask.


The breaking-in of new boots is surprisingly pain-free.

Must be the Fuller’s.

The Copenhagen Post is an astonishingly shite free paper.

Are there any good free newspapers?

That is all.

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