Wild Geese III – The Return

Here’s my press release for the as-yet unproduced third Wild Geese film. I would like Michael Winner to direct. Hollywood, I await your call….

It’s 35 years after the original film, and the surviving members of the original 50-strong force gather together for… one last job.

Roger Moore stars once again as Lt Shawn Fynn, this time supported by Paul Spurrier as Emile Janders – who played the son of Richard Harris in the first film.

When an untapped gold mine is discovered somewhere in Africa, financier Sir Charles Matheson (Bill Nighy) – brother of Stewart Grainger’s Sir Edward in the original – hires a crack team of mercenaries to secure it from unfriendly natives who want to claim it for themselves.

While Fynn gathers together all the still-alive actors from the original film regardless of whether their characters died or even played soldiers – Hardy Kruger (83), Frank Finlay (85), Ian Yule (70-something), John Kani (70), Winston Ntshona (71), and Roslynd Lloyd (60-something) – Emile Janders follows in his father’s footsteps and begins planning the operation.

But when the team parachute in and secure the mine, their pick-up plane fails to stop – just as his brother did all those years ago, Sir Charles Matheson has made his own deal with the natives and double-crossed the team.

Kicking himself for not realising that history repeats itself, Roger Moore’s Fynn has little choice but to lead his men out of the bush and back to civilisation. But the Simbas are closing in…

Willd Geese III – The Return

  • Directed by Michael Winner
  • Written by Martyn Glanville
  • Starring Roger Moore, Hardy Kruger, Frank Finlay, and Rosalynd Lloyd as Heather.
English: Sir Roger Moore KBE

Roger Moore IS Shawn Fynn

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