Mobile making it easier

Past few weeks I have become aware how I am using the mobile to do things I would normally use a laptop for.

Both cases involved booking a car and a flight respectively. I reserved a taxi at Heathrow with Greentomato using their iPhone app, which I chanced upon whilst clogging my way through their out-of-date and messy website. I did it in under a minute. It was way faster.

Ditto booking a few flights on the other day. Their site isn’t bad, but the booking process is too layered with countless extras, none of which I wanted. By contrast, their iPhone app flew through the process. This time I think I booked in just over a minute.

For both, I was struck my the ease. Apps are simpler, pared down, and they deliver. Let’s hope they don’t go the way of their cumbersome, clunky web-based equivalent.


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