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>PC comes out of hibernation

>Mozilla FirefoxImage via WikipediaLAST NIGHT, I finally got around to firing up my old Dell, which I brought over from the UK a few months back.

I hadn’t used it in two years. Fired the old girl up and it was like a little timewarp, a transportation back to the moment when I last shut it down. (I remember it well. Twas the day before we left the UK, the house was a warehouse of packing crates, and I’d copied every last byte of data onto a portable hard drive. Chaos. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.)

First off, it was Firefox 1.0 or some similar early version. It was loaded with various toolbars I’d forgotten ever installing (Urban Dead toolbar!). It was pre-iGoogle or Netvibes, so I was using live bookmarks for my RSS, and most annoying of all, the close tab button was on the far right of the browser window, not on the tab itself like with more recent versions of FF. Incredibly annoying.

Still, I got a bit nostalgic, then swiftly upgraded to Firefox 3.o.

XP had some work to do as well. 53 updates! Chugg-chugg-chugg, it went. But after an hour’s worth of updating, re-configuring, and re-installing, I was done. I didn’t mind doing it, it was like getting a new machine and playing around with all the settings. I got stupidly excited when I realised I had four devices all wirelessly networked, and started moaning that the wife wasn’t home so I could hook her Mac up as well. She rolled her eyes when I mentioned this.

I wonder why?

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