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>The truth about buying international train tickets in Denmark


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THE OTHER day, I was at Copenhagen Central Station to buy some tickets to Frankfurt.

The first time I tried, the international sales desk was closed. I duly came back later in the day and asked for  the price of a 4-berth cabin from Copenhagen to Frankfurt and back in August. The conversation went something like this…:

Sales clerk: “I can’t tell you. I can’t, unless you want to buy the tickets. That’s the only way I can tell you how much it will be.”

Me: “But I spoke to a colleague of yours a few months ago and he told me a price of 4000 Danish crowns.”

SC (signing, and picking up a clipboard, which she scans): “It would be around 1200 crowns each.”

Me: “Is that for a cabin?”

SC: “That’s just for the basics. No add-ons!” she snapped.

Me: “So you can’t tell me the cost of a cabin?”

SC: “Not unless you buy the tickets.”

Me (shrugging): “Ok, I’ll buy the tickets.”

SC: “You can’t.”

Me: “I can’t?”

SC: “I am too busy right now,” she answered looking over my shoulder at the queue behind me.

Me: “But I waited for 15 minutes in the queue.”

SC: “I have to serve these people first.”

Me: “So even if you could tell me the price of the tickets, you wouldn’t sell them to me?”

SC: “That’s right.”

Me: “Wow. What a great system you have.”

SC: “I didn’t design it. Try our website”

I left. Subsequently bought my tickets on Deutsche Bahn‘s website. Denmark‘s had no online facility. It did, however, have the email address of their CEO Søren Eriksen. I sent him a mail about my experiences.

Strangely, no reply at the time of writing.

Update 11/8/2010:

“”We sincerely regret the circumstances on the 6th of July, when you went to inquire about a ticket fare for Frankfurt.
It is not usual practice that our passengers should feel forced to buy a ticket just to be informed about the fare, and we are very sorry about the treatment you experienced when visiting our ticket office.
We thank you for your e-mail to us and promise we will make sure this will not happen again.
Yours sincerely,
xxx xxxxxx
DSB Customer service”

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THE LOCAL COUNCIL here in Copenhagen has started a nifty scheme for bike owners concerned about theft.

Free of charge, they’re issuing microchips you place inside your bike. In the event your bike is stolen, you report it and the chip’s ID is tagged as stolen.

Kindly traffic wardens walking the streets carry a gizmo that beeps when in range of a bike containing a chip tagged as stolen.

So while it’s not quite a tracking device, it’s a sort of alert device, giving you some hope of getting your bike back.

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