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>Dane-gerous Driving

>The Great Belt Fixed Link, seen from the Zealand side.Image via WikipediaUNDERTAKING seems to be a commonplace occurrence on the motorways of Denmark. I notice it daily – mad souls veering from lane to lane because they absolutely, positively have to be there on time. Or not.

I just think they are shit drivers.

But wait! I have evidence. Well, a theory.

Ok, just a thought (and those are rare these days).

Thing is, the Danes have only recently come into money. The past ten or twelve years saw them realise the value of the enormous apartments and houses they have lived in for decades. (Apparently, profits from the sale of properties used to be taxed heavily, discouraging people to sell to earn a few bob.) So after they sold and made a packet over night, they all fancied themselves as well to do and went and bought motors.

Until then, they’d always cycled. What happened? Of course, they immediately started driving the same way they cycle – on a whim, haphazardly, capriciously. It’s because their road heritage is on two wheels and self-propelled, whereas I come from a place and time (Croydon, the 1980s), where all any 17-year-old kid wanted to do was get a car.

Upshot? I’m a better driver.

So there.

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