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Mobile making it easier

Past few weeks I have become aware how I am using the mobile to do things I would normally use a laptop for.

Both cases involved booking a car and a flight respectively. I reserved a taxi at Heathrow with Greentomato using their iPhone app, which I chanced upon whilst clogging my way through their out-of-date and messy website. I did it in under a minute. It was way faster.

Ditto booking a few flights on the other day. Their site isn’t bad, but the booking process is too layered with countless extras, none of which I wanted. By contrast, their iPhone app flew through the process. This time I think I booked in just over a minute.

For both, I was struck my the ease. Apps are simpler, pared down, and they deliver. Let’s hope they don’t go the way of their cumbersome, clunky web-based equivalent.


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>No one looks at me

>The Ipcress File (film)Image via WikipediaI KNOW that.

That hasn’t stopped me getting all excited by the Michael Caine drawing image I stumbled across while searching for The Ipcress File. I found myself intrigued by it. You can see it in the background of this page. So I decided to brand myself and have updated my digital identity with it – screensaver, desktop, iGoogle, Chrome theme, iPhone wallpaper, Twitter, and so on. I drew the line at LinkedIn.

Am sure I’ll be bored of it in a week and will then waste more time putting everything back the way it was.

Hey ho.

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>Buying an iPhone in Denmark – the truth


When I complain about the lack of matte finish...Image via Wikipedia

YOU can’t buy an iPhone from a 3 shop in Denmark if you aren’t Danish.

Let me explain. Just the other day I went into my local 3 shop to join the iPhone bandwagon. As usual I had done weeks of research because I was buying some that cost more than a Pepsi and needed to be sure what I was doing.

Matey behind the counter remembers me from a previous investigative visit and smiles knowingly – “Ah ha! I have you!” he thinks.

And he does. He gets my phone and we begin the tedious paperwork process. But before pen hits paper, he asks, “Do you have any Danish picture ID like a passport or driving licence?”

No, and no. I’m English, see, so I have British passport and an EU driving licence.

“I can’t sell you the phone,” he says. “Our system needs that information for the subscription.”

“Do you lose a lot of business?” I asked. He nodded sheepishly.

Anyway, I left the shop, went home and bought it from 3’s website (for less, I might add) with the only inconvenice being a two-day delivery wait.

What a strange company.

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