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>Peach of a shot

>Medal of Honor: Heroes 2Image via WikipediaOnline gameplay is something I have dabbled with on and off over the years, more off than on, in fact, because my newbie-ness in such environments always resulted in brief adventures before becoming easy meat for the veterans.

Back at BBC Online (when it was so named), we would occassionally spend the licence fee payers cash by indulging in Quake across the network. I never lasted long. More recently, I died quickly playing Fall of Man on the PS3. And just the other night as my Wii spun, I was emphatically shot dead during a Medal of Honor Heroes 2 session by some determined psycho.

My regular reader (for I know you are but one) may recognise a previous blog entry of mine on a similar theme – the behaviour of the killers in online environments.

What struck me about my latest death, apart from a single shot to the head, was the sheer performance of my killer. I mean performance in the theatrical sense. There I was, an Axis grunt with an MP40, creeping through the undergrowth trying to capture the flag, and I was getting mighty close. All I needed to do was break cover, charge between a barn and a farmhouse and I would be there. There were a few empty beer bottles on the table so I was not as alert as I usually am. Thinking I was in the clear, I set off only to be confronted by the enemy, suddenly right in front of me. Where did he come from? It was like he’d been watching me for ages. He held his pose, rifle aloft for half a second, giving me just enough time to realise he had been watching me, and knowing full well I’d never be quick enough to shoot first. I flicked my wrist to aim the Wiimote but was far too slow.

A single shot cracked, the colour in the screen faded and I fell on my side, my last impression being this fellow watching me from a distance.

It was great. I must do it myself someday.

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>Psychos in cyberspace (or something)

>WITH REMARKABLE ease, did I not two hours ago connect to the online multiplayer world of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 on my blessed Wii.

Straight in, guns blazing, notching a kill inside just a few minutes. Notched up quite a few deaths’n’spawns of me own, but that’s another story.

Anyways, the quality of minds you find in such places. Some sharpshooting wag called Colonel Kaos or something, an expert player equipped with every cheat known to man, no doubt, creeps up behind me and hoses my spine with 9mm rounds. Down I go. As I await re-spawning, the game gives me the pleasure of watching what Kaos does for the next ten-15 seconds before my resurrection. What does he do? Stand over my very dead corpse and empty his gun into it. Then he get his next gun and does the same. And with a third, just to be certain.

Kaos is probably a fat teenage boy living Knucksville, Tennessee. Let’s hope he stays there, huh?

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