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Nupo – day 9

Have to be honest, I am now losing faith. Getting depressed eating/drinking powder-based products, and when you feel like that it’s hard to pay the high prices they ask for. Add to that, I am constantly hungry, regardless of how many meal replacement bars/shakes I consume.

A few packets to go, and then that will be my lot.

The experience confirms for me what I have always thought about weight loss – eat sensibly, small portions, limit alcohol and do some exercise.

Nupo – day 4

Bit of a wobble last night as I picked at the left overs from the kids’ pizzas.

This morning, my breakfast was a mango and vanilla Nupo shake.

Not bad. But now the weekend – time to save those bricks for wine.

Nupo – day 3


This mornings’s weigh-in sees me at 90.8 kg. And last night’s spicy Thai chicken shake was rather nice, actually.

This morning I had a blueberry shake. My three-year-old daughter, however, still maintains I look like Daddy Pig:

But, in fact, I look like this:

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Nupo – day 2

Another meal replacement bar for breakfast, caramel this time.

Last night I had my first meal replacement shake. Banana flavour. It was good to start with (and came with a straw) but by the end my mouth felt like it was carpeted. Plus, I was very hungry but the shake did fill me up.

Is my stomach shrinking yet? After 1.5 days, it is hard to tell (but why isn’t it shrinking? Why am I not an Adonis already? Is that not what these health things promise?).

Lunch in a few hours, followed by my first Nupo “soup” for dinner.


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Nupo – day 1

22 May 2012.

Today is the first day of my Nupo diet. It remains to be seen how long I continue with this, but we shall see.

Current weight: scale-busting 93.9 kg.

Target weight: health-authority approved 85 kg.

At 0715 today, I ate a meal replacement bar instead of breakfast, and one cup of black coffee.

0930: currently starving. Two-and-a-half hours to lunch, where I need to determine my ten “bricks” – the calorie system Nupo have to control your intake. Eg, one slice of meat = two bricks. A tomato = 1 brick, and so on.

Tonight, I get the joys of a meal replacement shake!

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