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A bunch of thoughts about nothing

Idle thoughts and observations today include the appearance of a vending machine on Østerport station (platforms 5 and 6) that allows you to buy via SMS. You send the machine your details, choose product, and it goes on the phone bill.

After watching Harry Brown last night, I decided it was the British companion piece to Gran Torino.

Carving scary faces on pumpkins is far easier than I thought.

I could be recording all of the above in individual tweets.

I plan to open a chain of cafes named after 80s actors – Ringwald’s, Sheedy’s, Lowe’s, er, Estevez’s’s’s’s.

I plan to design some jeans with one leg black denim, t’other blue.

I need to check gavcrimson‘s excellent blog.

This 8.6% beer I ordered by mistake is a killer. Fuller’s Vintage Ale, since you ask.


The breaking-in of new boots is surprisingly pain-free.

Must be the Fuller’s.

The Copenhagen Post is an astonishingly shite free paper.

Are there any good free newspapers?

That is all.

Hello Kitty – blood ‘n’ guts version

HAVING a young daughter means I know a little bit about their world, such as so-called cute cat Hello Kitty. Talking to a colleague about kids, it turned out that while she had no kids of her own, she was familiar with the Hello Kitty brand and explained to me it is Japanese in origin. She has visited Japan on numerous occasions and picked up the rather nifty Hello Kitty model you see illustrated here.

I like this.

Hello Kitty guts

Kitty has her innards on show

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English bottled ales

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BROWSING the beer aisles in the supermarket yesterday, I was reminded of beer names back in England and experienced a sudden longing for that most understated of beers, that so perfectly named English beer, that almost class divided beer: Young’s ordinary.

I cannot recall if ordinary was the name it acquired among drinkers to distinguish it from its upper class brother, the equally simply named and few per cent higher Special, but I always took great pleasure asking for a pint of ordinary. Please. I am nothing special. I am simple person who enjoys a simple pleasure. No Lightning’s, no Foots or Fingers, no Bombers, Spitfires or Terminators (made that one up), no Waggles, Daggles, Friaries or Perches (made that one up too).

Give me the ordinary.

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>Genuine Mexico 86 World Cup memorabilia found in Copenhagen

>THE LAST few days have been full of junk.
For instance, I was prowling around a loppemarked (or flea market in English) recently looking for I wasn’t sure what and I was pleased to find a couple of dodgy action movies – Crank: High Voltage and Once Upon a Time in Mexico. These were purchased immediately, and I know you would do the same.
Prior to that, however, I had a real find in discovering a Mexico 86 World Cup inflatable football still in its original packaging:

There were two of them, in fact. I should have bought at least one.

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